Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Steamy Kitchen's Shrimp Chips with Five-Spice Beef

my photo;
of course, Jaden's photo is going to be a hundred times better

As you may or may not know, Jaden of Steamy Kitchen is in the process of writing her cookbook(!). As part of the process, Jaden called out to people to test her recipes. I, of course, answered the call.

This dish is her take on Tex-Mex "nachos".

First, the shrimp chips.

The chips I bought happened to be the colored kind. The uncooked discs are so pretty! They go into hot oil and puff up. This was actually the part that I thought would be a "hassle" (we're deep-fry averse), but it was relatively pain-free -- the chips puff up quite quickly so the whole process didn't take long at all.

Now for the Five-Spice Beef.

Actually, it was "Cinnamon Beef" when I tested the recipe, but I believe it may be amended to five-spice. This was also super-simple and easy. I can't give out the recipe here... you have to buy Jaden's book for that! =)

To start, I sautéed some aromatics, followed by the spices. The beef went in and so did the seasonings. As a final touch, some red bell peppers, cilantro and store-bought fried shallots.

The Five-Spice Beef goes on top of the shrimp chips (like the photo up top).

Or, in our case, we used the beef as our "dip" and ate the dish that way (see below).

This played the role of mid-afternoon snack quite nicely.

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  1. oh lalala!! this is so delicious, i have never tried making shrimp chips with five spice beef..all the good things on earth concentrated in this dish!! love it!

  2. btw, i dont know if i already invited you to join recipe muncher.;the community will be so happy to welcome a delicious blog like yours :-) just check us out

  3. This is really interesting. When I first saw the picture I wasn't thinking "nacho," but it works. The beef looks delicious!

  4. Awesome! love the colorful chips

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  6. I love shrimp chips. You are right this would be a great afternoon snack.

  7. Oh, I love that this was a mid-afternoon snack.

  8. Those chips are soooooo pretty. And the five spice beef ain't so bad too look at either.

  9. I love shrimp chips! This looks like perfect party food!

  10. I'm one of the food testers too ;) hehe this looks really good and I luuuurvvveee the colourful crackers! I must try to find them ;)

  11. Oh my, that looks tasty!! I love shrimp chips -- did you know that you can microwave them instead of frying them?

  12. That's a very nice snack!

  13. I love the colors of the chips and the combination of flavors. This is another must try dish.:)


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