Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sawdust and Woodshavings

I've been trying to figure out an angle to this post, making its inclusion in a food blog perfectly natural. But hey, I don't like to think. So, my angle? I think this is kEwL and hence, posted.

My woodturning adventure
(On the same day as the spot prawn festival.)

In the beginning, there was a lathe, a block of wood and a safety mask. The floor was free from debris.

I attached my block of wood -- if it can be called a "block" -- to the lathe. I smoothed out each side then began "carving". This here is the butt end of the bowl.

I made the rim, or lip, of the bowl...

...then smoothed out a bowl-shaped underside.

I couldn't get a photo of myself while I was actually using the different tools to "carve" out the wood. That would be an accident waiting to happen. Below is a pretend shot of me using a tool to "carve" the wood. I don't know what the correct term is: carving? shaving?

(You're not supposed to have that center poking out like that. Nor is the surface supposed to be all groovy/groove-y like that. After the pretend shot, I had to go and do it for real and smooth everything out.)

It was so much fun just shaving off wood. One almost doesn't even care what the final product is. It's very soothing: just shaving and shaving and shaving.

I must say, though, that this soothing activity yields a dump-truckload of woodshavings. They just spew and fly RIGHT INTO YOUR FACE!!! It was a full-on assault! Like rocket-propelled angry bees. I had woodshavings everywhere! Even in my pants!

After sanding the underside of the bowl, it was time to turn it around and work on the inside of the bowl.

I made those stair-like steps above and then smoothed out the edges.

More sanding came next. From very coarse to coarse to medium grit to fine grit sandpaper, I sanded.

Friction, oh, you are an unkind fellow!

And here's my bowl. It looks more like a soup bowl than a bowl-bowl.

nekkid; ie, without oil


(Lame) Attempt #1 to make my wooden bowl food-related:

(A more successful) Attempt to make my wooden bowl food-related:

I didn't actually put dressing on the greens while in the bowl, though, heaven forbid!


The end.


  1. What a great job!!! Lovely photos and what a perfect setting for salads and fruit.

  2. That's really nice. I wonder if your next wood work project can be that wooden Igorot figurine in a barrel with a huge pop-up thingie. Joke lang. ;-) But seriously that's really a nice piece of wooden bowl you made there and it was done on your first try. Good work!

  3. Love your blog and added you to my list of personal favorite blogs.

  4. This is very cool...may I make an order, complete with those bear claws?

  5. Thanks! =D

    Any requests for artisan wood pieces, please speak with my agent. ;)

  6. Oh wow! That bowl is gorgeous. I loved seeing the step-by-step photos as it got made.

  7. w chopsticks:
    Thanks! I actually had A LOT MORE pictures... but my editing hand took over and cut them down to this. =)

  8. I love it! You did a fantastic job. If only I were that able, I'd totally shave my finger off or something...


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