Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ganache Patisserie (March 3, 2007)

We (g-ongs, csc, ls & I) had a tasting of six items.
Grace took pictures. Expect them soon!

[added Feb 2008: pictures no longer available]

(in the order of tasting)

Thé Earl Grey et Cardamome
milk chocolate earl grey mousse, cardamom crème brûlée, lemon macaron

I don't know why, but apparently no one likes cardamom! How is that possible? Only I like cardamom.

Noisettes Canneberges et Poire
hazelnut parfait, pear gelée, vanilla cranberry risotto, hazelnut sablé Breton

I didn't notice that the vanilla-cranberry concoction had rice. This was nice. The hazelnut was pretty subtle.

green tea mousse, mango-passionfruit gelée, lychees, black sesame biscuit joconde

Macha-y (with all that that entails). The mango-passionfruit gelee was a nice complement to the macha. I don't remember the lychee.

Opéra à la noisette
dark chocolate ganache, coffee buttercream, hazelnut biscuit, praline crunch

The more standard/mainstream fare. Very good.

Concorde Framboise
dark chocolate raspberry mousse, raspberry balsamic gelée, cocoa meringue

This was good, too, flavor-wise, but I don't personally like raspberries all that much. Also, this had a softer texture than all the rest.

Poire et Sichuan Chocolat
szechuan pepper dark chocolate mousse, maple pear gelée, praline crunch, chocolate cake

Haha, am I just asking for trouble having something with Szechuan peppercorn? This was OK. I think I would've liked it more if it were just black peppercorn.

It was actually kind of filling, the tasting of these. We didn't even finish all of it! And there were 6 (or 7) of us! Anyway, all in all, they were good! A repeat is in the cards, eventually.

(I'm not a dessert person myself, but if going for dessert, I would tend to venture more towards patisserie-type items than than bakery-type items.)

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