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1st Annual Spring Break Potluck: Ginataan (lsc)

[March 1, 2008:
The step-by-step pictures are now here!]

[added Feb 2008:
It's too bad, but lsc's STEP-BY-STEP pictures of how to make this are gone! It was in Yahoo Photos before, but that site's not around anymore. =( Those pictures were really good, too! Step-by-step! \ts]

[entry by lsc]

1 pack tapioca
1 pack panutcha (pa-noot-cha).... i think this is how you call this... it's solid sugar

left: tapioca pearls; right: panutcha (golden slab sugar)

4 cans coconut milk

2 cans jackfruit .....

what the hell with the "Cock in the Mountaintop" brand... hahahha.... this has "kaong" inside (hard coconut jelly) - cut them in smaller pieces (you can opt this out if you don't like kaong and just buy ones that has only jackfruit in).

1/2 pack of brown sugar

6-8 purple yam (or you can use taro)

4 packs mini rice balls

A: Tapioca
1. Boil water in pot, add a tsp. of salt

2. add some oil

3. add tapioca

4. stir and let it boil

5. once the water thickens - see pic

6. drain in colander

* do steps #3 - #6 three times or until the tapioca is cooked.

7. shows how the tapioca look like after the second boiling - notice there are still some big white dots

8. once the tapioca is done, leave them in cold water - it's ok to have some tiny white dots, they will be cooked thoroughly once we add the tapioca in the coconut milk.

B: Purple yam in panutcha
1. Peel purple yams

2. put the peeled purple yams in cool water

3. cut purple yams in cubes

4. set aside the cubed purple yams

5. put some water in a big pot - about 2 cups

6. add the panutcha

7. arrange them so they melt evenly

8. once the panutcha has melted and boiling

9. add 1/2 pack of sugar

10. let the sugar melt

11. let it boil for 10 mins - to thicken a bit - put in lower heat so it won't burn

12. add cubed purple yams

13. stir purple yams in panutcha

14. increase the heat and let it boil

15. once it's boiling, lower down the heat so you don't burn the sugar

16. once you can squeeze the yams with your finger (not too mushy) - about 20 mins.

17. drain and set aside

C: Ginataan : The Finale
1. pour coconut milk in pot

2. add equal parts of water - 1:1

3. add 2 bowls of water

4. add sugar - we use a paler brown sugar. Nanay asked for white sugar, but I have none. Apparently, she didn't want to use the darker brown sugar. You can use any type of sugar you want. :)

5. using ladle as my measurement - i think i put 2 ladles in at the start

6. when the coconut milk is boiling, add the mini rice balls

7. once the rice balls are cooked (they will float)

8. add the cooked tapioca

9. add more sugar if you want

10. add the jackfruit

11. add the purple yams, stir carefully

12. let it cook for another 5 more mins. and it's done

* Always taste the ginataan for the right sweetness.

** Dilemma: After some time, i checked the ginataan and noticed that the sauce had thickened so much. The sauce had the consistency of glue... more like a thick goo. I think this was caused by cooking the rice balls in the coconut milk (it's made of flour afterall). Next time I'll cook the rice balls in a separate pot.

*** Solution: I didn't buy extra coconut milk but i had 2 cans of coconut CREAM in my cupboard. I use one can first and added 1.5 cans of water and a ladel of sugar. I heated it up and I let the sugar melt before i added it in the ginataan. It wasn't enough to thin the ginataan sauce so i use the other can and added more water this time. I still heated it up as the coconut cream/milk needed to be cooked first. I didn't add sugar this time as the ginataan was still sweet enough.

**** Preparation and cooking time; 1.5 hrs. Cook them all simultaneously or you'll spend twice the amount of time.

Happy cooking!

1st Annual Spring Break Potluck Summary

Lechon Kawali ("Lechon ni Betchon") by bsc
Lettuce Wrap by msc
Shrimp Fried Rice by mega
Ginataan by lsc
Almost-Traditional Caesar Salad by ts
Blueberry Muffins by cw
Roast Chicken by js

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  1. Scrolling through all your pictures in this post was nostalgic to me. When I was a kid, my family and I usually hang-out with the locals in Cavite (true-blue Cavitenos) and I watch them make Ginataan (MY FAVORITE!) over woodfire. I remember helping them make balls out of rice that has been grounded and cooked. Haaay! Thanks for this one. I truly enjoyed it.


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