Sunday, March 25, 2007

1st Annual Spring Break Potluck: "Lechon ni Betchon" (bsc)

[entry by bsc]

Pork Belly
whole black pepper
dried Laurel leaves

1. Boil Pork Belly with all the ingredients
2. When Pork is tender, take it out of the pan to let it cool and dry
3. Freeze the pork for 4 hours or overnight
4. You can deep fry, oven or turbo broil... your choice. What I did for our potluck was turbo broil.
5. heat broiler 350 to 400F.
6. Do not thaw the Pork belly. Just put it in the broiler as soon as you take it out of the freezer.
7. spread water using a brush once in a while to keep the skin moist
8. let it cook for 45 mins or until skin looks crispy (It looks crispy when I took it out :) )

* Maybe deep frying is better, but too oily....

1st Annual Spring Break Potluck Summary

Lechon Kawali ("Lechon ni Betchon") by bsc
Lettuce Wrap by msc
Shrimp Fried Rice by mega
Ginataan by lsc
Almost-Traditional Caesar Salad by ts
Blueberry Muffins by cw
Roast Chicken by js

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