Monday, June 14, 2010

Mini Jam Pinwheels

After making our entry for Weekend Wokking, Spinach and Cheese with Puff Pastry, Three Ways, I had the tiniest amount of puff pastry left.

So, I simply spread some jam on that puny piece of dough, rolled it up, and after a stint in the freezer to harden, cut them up.

That leftover dough was really tiny, so my resulting jam pinwheels were incredibly small. The toothpick is there for scale.

They baked for a little while in the oven (set at 375 F) until golden brown. And that's it!

They were so tiny that an inhale is all it took to down one (or three) of them. =)


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  1. Gosh, these look lovely. And they sound almost as good as the spinach and cheese version :) And yes, I did say almost. Apparently I'm on a savory kick today. Gotta love anything with spinach and cheese!

  2. Yes BUT when they are super tiny you get to eat MANY of them with no guilt. Gotta love that!

  3. you know as a tiny gal i love all things tiny. yum.


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