Friday, December 19, 2008

Maple-Dijon Mustard Pork Chops

It's the bone that makes it good.

Another quick and easy meal.

I find pork chops the ultimate fast food. I like my pork chops thinly sliced (approximately a third to a half of an inch), because there's nothing better than putting some butter in a skillet and plopping the pork chops in. Three to five minutes later, with rice and a squeeze of lemon, it's a meal.

These pork chops were thicker (an inch thick), so they take longer than three minutes. Still, the whole meal came together pretty easily.

I didn't want to stand by the stove and pan-fry so I decided to cook the chops in the oven.

I mixed together some maple syrup and dijon mustard, with salt and pepper, in a bowl, tasted the mix until it was to my liking. (You can adjust the sweetness-tartness ratio to your preference.) I slathered this onto the pork chops and coated the top with some breadcrumbs.

Into the oven at 425F -- and if I remember correctly there were done in about 20 minutes.

I had also sliced some sweet potatoes thinly and had put them in the oven while I was prepping the pork chops. I wanted to time them so I can take both the pork chops and the sweet potatoes out simultaneously.

We served these with some romaine lettuce and a lemon-thyme vinaigrette.

This was one of our first meals moving into a new house -- and a new kitchen, so that quick-and-easy factor was more than appreciated.


  1. I wanted these as soon as I read the titles

  2. I wanted these as soon as I read the titles

  3. I've made a similar recipe.... maple and dijon works so well together!

  4. Hmm, is it the bone or the little bow of fat on top? Hee hee. I think it's the bone too (though my grandma would vote for the fat). I agree-- the instant I saw the title I knew it would be phenomenal :) Gotta try this-- got plenty of mustard waiting to be used!

  5. You just cannot beat mayple syrup and Dijon over porks chops, right? They look delicious!

  6. great flavor combo. and you're right - it is the bone that makes the flavor. i'll never usally cook boneless anything anymore b/c the bone keeps it flavorfull and moist! plus it's cheaper to buy!

  7. I agree pork chops are the ultimate fast food. Just the smell of them cooking..yum!

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  9. Manggy:
    We Are Never Full:
    We just bought some yesterday! They're waiting to be cooked and eaten.


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