Saturday, December 06, 2008

Broiled Pike Mackerel

What can I say, we love mackerel!

(I especially like to stare into their beady little eyes, but that's just me.)

With the absence of the grill (we haven't bought one yet!), we broiled these instead.

All they needed was a generous amount of salt and some olive oil. We broiled each side until the skin was slightly blackened and blistery. Lemon wedges are a must.

These pike mackerel were completely, thoroughly and utterly enjoyed with white rice.

left: out of the oven; check out the blackened parchment paper
right: these pike mackerel were not enough

So good!

[eatingclub] vancouver Mackerel dishes:
Torched! Shime Saba (Japanese Pickled Mackerel)
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Broiled Pike Mackerel


  1. looks great , we make this fish in a curry , with dash of red pepper powder+turmeric powder+oil...
    somewhere I read that this fish is loaded with great nutrients ...Is it true?
    Hugs and smiles

  2. That looks great. Mackerel is not always available in FL but I love it. My grandmother used to make it "escabeche". Fry it, pour olive oil, vinegar, sliced garlic and bay leaf and then refrigerate it. You eat it the next day at room temp. If there's any left, you should try it.

  3. Well preparing those was certainly easy enough!

  4. Mmmm - reminds me of the simple breakfast of fried dried fish, fish sauce, eggs and garlic friend rice!

  5. Fish is the best! You don't need much to make it amazing.

  6. Broiling is a fine alternative with the cold weather...look at that skin...crispy bacon-like skin!

    You guys dig/get fish & seafood and that's bonus points from me.

  7. My 6yo boy always ask me for pike mackarel and I always prepare them this way -- so easy. We eat them at least once a week! Of course you need lots of rice for this.

  8. i would have LOVED this dinner
    simple but perfect

  9. Yum! I bet the mackerel tasted great with rice!

  10. I love the simplicity and the black and blistery method.

  11. Ooh...looks simple yet tasty! I gotta get Christina to give it a try. Were they "fishy" by any chance?

  12. I love pike saba and broiled !! I think broiled is better than grill,coz it's retained slightly moist and not too dry! You guys did a great job!! add in more sambal!!yummy!

  13. I had no idea you two were so hardcore, staring into the eyes of your prey before you devour it...

  14. My favorite way to eat mackerel. I like it with sweetened fish sauce drizzled on top.

  15. I prefer sardines myself ;) But how can I resist crispy fish with salt and lemon? Simple and delicious!

  16. that SKIN! damn. looks so good. mackerel is a very strong-tasting fish but, for me, it's been an acquired taste. i love them just like this... oh and also raw in sushi - SO good!

  17. Jaya:
    It's an oily fish... and I think those are supposed to have those good fatty acids. But, I don't really know. =)

    Oooh, tha sounds good! We sometimes have a similar thing made with milkfish... sounds like a must-try.

    Dried fish! Haven't had those in forever!

    "Of course you need lots of rice for this."

    Of course.

    cook eat FRET:
    We actually couldn't even wait to sit down. Wolfing some down standing at the counter. ;)

    They weren't fish at all. Well, they were "oily" in their delicious-oily-fish way. But not stinky-bad-fishy.

    Oh yeah! We'll eat it with sambal next time!

    Sweet Bird:
    It's just because these pike mackerel are so SHARP. They're like spears! Have to psych them out.

    Wandering Chopsticks:
    Like, nuoc cham? Or just sweetened fish sauce. Either way, will try it. We have 2 condiments now besides lemon, hehe, smbal being the other one.

    We never see sardines here! Not usually, anyway.

    We Are Never Full:
    "that SKIN! damn."

    Hahaha... I love the "swearing."


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