Monday, July 27, 2009

Taipei Convenience Store Foods

It's been busy here at the [eatingclub] HQ. So before we get to our Shredded Beef and Tripe taco filling post, here are some quick example of Convenience Store foods in Taipei.

That above, is of course, tea eggs or stewed eggs.

Various balls (that is, fishballs or seafood balls, I assume) and skewered items.


And even roasted sweet potato! I must say, this attracted me quite a bit, but I resisted.

Convenience stores in Taiwan seem to be even more "convenient" than the ones here. You can even pay your bills there!

Convenient, indeed.

Taiwan trip 2009
Taiwanese Bakery Goods (including ChiaTe Bakery)
Dan Shui 淡水, Taiwan (including food)
Taipei Quick Eats: Mos Burger, Hong Ya Breakfast, Ay Chung Flour-Rice Noodle
Taipei Convenience Store Foods
Shilin Night Market 士林夜市 (Taipei, Taiwan)
Breakfast Buffet at the Shangri-La (Taipei, Taiwan)
Taiwan Beef Noodle Soup, 4 versions (Taipei, Taiwan)
Yehliu 野柳 Geopark; Dried Seafood (Taiwan)

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  1. I love seeing what they think of as fast food in other places. and thanks for the tip about eel. might even try it.

  2. I'd be all about those buns & sweet potatoes!

  3. Yes, we get buns in our convenience stores here, next to kare pans and hotdogs-- but it's a long way to paying your bills in a not particularly safe place, lol :)

  4. Thanks for showcasing these yummy food ! I love street foods : ) It has been many years since I visited Taipei. It's interesting to see these convenience food modernised. Will you showcase the night food market ? I have to say even I am chinese, I do not dare to try every single food. One I like most is the fried breadcrumbed chicken

  5. maybelle's mom:
    Yeah, that's why we wanted to stop by a McD's in Taipei but never did get the chance to!

    Sweet potato! Mmmm!

    Haha. I was quite surprised about the bill payments too. Not sure it's going to fly here as well.

    We did go to a night market... and I do have some food pictures from there. It's just taking me so long to get to posting about them!

  6. I lived in Taiwan for several years, your tea eggs brought back memories!
    When I was there, McD's had a "rice burger". It was freaking delicious! The bun was white sticky rice and the burger part was thinly sliced marinated beef and onions cooked quickly on a grill.

    Sold in every convenience store - President Papaya Milk. Never try it, you'll be doomed to wander the earth looking for more....

  7. Rene:
    Ah, we saw those rice burgers, but at MOS Burger. We tried one and they were indeed good!

    Haha, re Papaya Milk. And it has to be that President brand? =)

  8. My husband loves Taiwan...because there's food EVERYWHERE...all the selections you can get at 7-11 or OK-mart (or some other convenience stores) all the street food!!! He finds everything in Taiwan so fascinating...LOL!!!

  9. Buddha Girl:
    Food *is* quite good in Taiwan. I want to go back! =)


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