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Regional Recipes: America

Regional RecipesThis month's edition of Regional Recipes brings us to the United States of America.

Throughout its history, America has been a land of opportunity, a magnet for immigrants all over the world, to start anew and make good.

Is it also a land of culinary opportunity for this month's Regional Recipe participants? Let's start anew and make something delicious.

Pam, from Sidewalk Shoes (Tennessee, USA)
Feta Cheese Burger
I'm not sure if we are to get away from the America-hamburger association. But, this is a delicious burger indeed. A whopping half-pound patty? Feta cheese? Bring it on!

Wandering Chopsticks (California, USA)
Beef and Broccoli Stir-fry

You'll see Beef and Broccoli on most every Chinese restaurant menu in America, but surprise, surprise, the dish isn't actually Chinese! It's a American invention, and quite often, served on a bed of steaming rice, it hits the spot (certainly li'l sis' hunger spot) after a hard day at work (or school).

Ning, from Heart and Hearth (Manila, Philippines)
Easy Peasy Apple Crumble
In her part of the world, Ning says they easily associate apples with America. Apples are certainly invoked in America's mythos: we've all heard of the phrase "as American as apple pie." Ning does not have a pie here, but an easy peasy apple crumble that's just as delicious.

Joanne, from Eats Well With Others (Boston, MA)
BBQ Turkey Burger with Texas Home Fries
This continent's native bird is the turkey and Joanne creates the most American application for it, a burger loaded with the flavours of American barbecue. Yummy! Of course, it has to be served with some fries, Texas home fries.

Susan, from Open Mouth, Insert Fork (California, USA)
Biscuits and Sausage Gravy
A Southern classic. Susan's version has buttery biscuits with a now-famous sausage gravy. ;) This is a dish we have yet to try (making or eating), but we will have to now.

Mary, from One Perfect Bite (Pacific Northwest, USA)
New England Clam Chowder for Harried, Landlocked Cooks

This must be the best name of a dish in this edition. =) It is exactly as the name says: this is a clam chowder recipe for people who don't have ready access to seafood, using canned clams. It's ready in no time at all.

Christine, from Kits Chow (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Christine has fond memories of BLT sandwiches, feeling sophisticated and decidedly American as a teenager munching on these sandwiches. Nowadays, she adds a bit of California glamour to the usual BLT by adding creamy avocadoes.

Darlene, from Blazing Hot Wok (Portland, Oregon, USA)
Bison Burger
Another burger! But, this one is made with "America's original red meat": bison. Bison is leaner and healthier than beef, and in most cases, more humanely raised than the standard feedlot cattle. Is it just as delicious? You bet it is. Bring this one on too!

Finally, our entries.

Canadian Onion Soup with Oka Cheese

We first did a Canadian version of onion soup, using turkey stock and Oka cheese, figuring to pair it with America's great sandwiches (or burgers). However, serendipitously spying a recipe for muffuletta left on a messy table led to a craving of said sandwich -- and what we thought to be a more appropriate entry! The muffuletta is a genuinely American creation, invented by a Sicilian immigrant in New Orleans.

Thank you to all who entered!

It seems like we did not stray much from the conception that American food is all about burgers, hotdogs, and sandwiches. Are these really what most Americans eat on most days?

And hey -- sandwiches? Burgers? Is that really what Americans eat? How about muffins? Cupcakes? Mac n cheese? Casseroles of any sort?

What are other American foods?

We move on, though, to the next region of Regional Recipes. We choose...



We can't wait to see the entries for this one!

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  1. Great round-up! I guess people do associate burgers with America, but at least we got lots of different delicious versions!

    Turkey? I haven't cooked Turkey's cuisine yet. But I am willing to try this challenge! :)

  2. Great round-up. I am really craving some bisquits and gravy right now!

  3. Great round-up ladies. Thanks so much for organizing. I guess we just can't get away from associating American food with burgers. But it's great that there were so many variations on that classic.

    I've never cooked Turkish cuisine. Oh dear, wonder what I'll come up with?

  4. This is a wonderful round up! I can't wait to go exploring each entry.

  5. What a great round-up!
    I'm a big fan of the bison burger, as that makes great use of the local game! But, everything looks gorgeous.

    Can't wait for Turkey. SO much great food there... will have to keep this in mind. Wonder if I can think of a dish to contribute!

  6. Yay! Great round-up! For a while there I thought turkey referred to Weekend Wokking (as in, the poultry, heh heh :)

  7. What did I say about there being at least a couple burger entries. You'd think that's all we eat! But as a kid I never ate burgers. It was all Thai food until I started making money babysitting and could go to McDonalds :-)

    When you named Turkey I totally had a brain fart for a split second and thought: why are they naming an ingredient?! Duh.

    Thanks again for hosting!

  8. You can't be too bad being from Vancouver....neat blog....the Bison Burger would be right up my alley. It is something I haven't barbecued yet, but have eaten out. Best to you!

  9. What a great roundup!! Everything looks delicious!

  10. Thanks so much for your efforts in making this event possible. It's a great round-up.

  11. Ning:
    Wandering Chopsticks:
    I've had a couple of Turkish food blogs on my reader for some time. And the food looks good! =)


    Yes, yes, enter something for the Turkey round-up!

    Haha... I guess we were very focused on the COUNTRY that we didn't even think of the bird!

    Haha... People from Oregon aren't half-bad themselves. ;) Thanks for the visit!



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