Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pineapple-Pomegranate Star Anise Soda

Ah yes, another item that was excluded from our Starry, Starry Night menu. It wasn't excluded on purpose. With all the commotion around the buffet, I didn't have room to prepare this! I resorted to making it on New Year's Day.

Star Anise Syrup and Pomegranate Ice Stars

I prepared a star anise syrup by placing a few star anise into sugar and water and melting it. I also started making star-shaped pomegranate juice "ice cubes" days in advanced. I had only one of this star-shaped mold!

JS also purchased a star ice cube tray from the dollar store (not pictured), but the molds were so deep and it was so hard to take the stars out that I gave up after one batch. I even injured myself trying to get them out!

To assemble the drinks, I placed some pineapple juice in a big bowl, added some star anise syrup and some soda water. (Unfortunately, it had gone a bit flat since it was used the night before.)

Of course, this would be great with champagne or sparkling wine instead of soda water!

To finish, I added the frozen stars of pomegranate juice. Big ones for the big bowl, and small stars for individual glasses. They melted quite fast and started giving the drink its multi-hued appearance.


We planned this for New Year's Eve, but isn't this a great idea for Valentine's as well? Just change the stars to hearts and you're set. And of course, use champagne! =)

We almost served pineapple-pomegranate star anise soda during our New Year's Eve party:
A Starry, Starry Night in Vancouver -- Evoking the Philippine Christmas Spirit

Pineapple-Pomegranate Star Anise Soda

2 star anise
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup water

pineapple juice, chilled
pomegranate juice, chilled

soda water or sparkling white wine

To make star anise syrup:
Place sugar, water and star anise in a small pot. Heat over medium until the sugar has completely dissolved. This can be made in advanced.

Optional pomegranate juice "ice":
Place pomegranate juice in an ice cube tray and place in the freezer.

To assemble:
In your serving glass or a pitcher, add pineapple juice until halfway. Add soda water or sparkling wine until your container is almost full. Add star anise syrup to taste. If using pomegranate ice, add them now. Or, simply add a touch of pomegranate juice for color.



  1. The ice cubes are so cute! This sounds really delicious, and yes, I will probably try it with some sparkling wine.

  2. Vodka perhaps, for that perfect pre-dinner sip? Kind of a pineapple-pomegranate cosmo? That's what I love about this kind of idea leads to another. Looks great you guys....I'll be sharing this!

  3. i love using anise in drinks and food such a a great spice!great looking cocktail!

  4. Great photos and wonderful idea for Valentines!

  5. This is an an amazing flavor combination. You two always develop the best combos!

  6. Esi:
    Thanks. I SUFFERED for those ice "stars"! =D


    This is the first time we've tried star anise in a drink. =)

    Sweet Bird:
    Thanks! Belated Valentine's.

  7. I tend to drink this with goggles. It's "pineappleing great!"

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I wish there was pumpernickel in there!

  10. Not even when you drink it in company of a chinchilla.

  11. Anon:
    Thanks for visiting.


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