Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fried Oyster Quesadilla

Sometimes, I get a hankering for fried oysters.

When I do, I usually love me an oyster po' boy with a tangy-creamy remoulade sauce. I thought I'd change it up a bit this time.

So when we still had some oil leftover from frying our Thai Fried Chicken, I'd figure I can fry some oysters for the oil's bon voyage.

I dredged the oysters with some flour, seasoned with chili powder, salt, and pepper, and just dropped them into the oil. A couple of minutes later, I have some spicy oyster balls ready to be flattened in between tortilla.

Added some Tex-Mex cheese (yes, Tex-Mex is our guilty pleasure, and they come pre-shredded too!), some green onions, cilantro, a sprinkling of my lugged-all-the-way-from-LA Tapatío hot sauce -- and there you have it.

(Sound familiar? Why yes, we used this Kraft Tex-Mex cheese and Tapatío combo when we made our Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese with Pipián Verde.)

These fried oyster quesadillas were quite delicious and I couldn't stop at just one quesadilla. I ended up frying more oysters and stuffing myself.

We show our Tapatío hot sauce love here:
Fried Oyster Quesadilla
Chicken, Broccoli and Cheese with Pipián Verde
Homemade Mexican Chorizo Sausage


  1. Fresh oysters are always sweet and delicious, no matter how you cook it! You made it more mouth-watering!

  2. How interesting to use them in a quesadilla!

  3. This looks delicious! What an interesting idea to use them in a quesadilla.

  4. good thinking! never let good frying oil go to waste!

  5. Happy New Year!!!
    Are oysters cheap there? Here in Spain is a gourmet and richmen food. My husband could have a dozen without breathing but they are really expensive.

    I could have them fried but not raw :D

  6. I love fried oysters but I would never had thought to put them in a
    quesadilla. You are so creative!

  7. I love the creativity of flavors and how unique to use fried oysters in a traditionally mexican dish!

  8. Ning:
    JS is craving these again after seeing this post up and online! =)

    Fearless Kitchen:
    I don't know if JS invented that herself or not, hehe.

    Hahaha... Yeah, I think the taste of it raw vs cooked is different.

    Yeah! Hate to have all that oil lying around.

    Happy New Year to you too! Nice to hear you had quite a relaxing holiday! =)

    I actually don't know, re pricing. I don't think they're cheap at all. Or I guess it depends what kind they are. These specific ones we bought were already shcked and in a jar, plus we got them at the Chinese supermarket (probably cheaper).

  9. Can I steal you away next time I come to Vancouver? Between this and the pork belly I think I'm in love.

  10. Never tried a fried oyster before but this makes me want to :).
    And the pics in your blog are beautiful. Have added you to my favorites :)

  11. Looks almost like Oyster Omelette we can find in Asia.

  12. I could totally get my mouth around this one, guys. Nice work! Now you've got me craving oysters...

  13. What a lovely idea! Finally, an oyster I can really warm up to. Thanks, and have a delicious New Year.

  14. I love me some fried oysters! Very creative take on a quesadilla.

  15. Sweet Bird:
    Teehee. Well, we do aim to please. =)

    Thanks for visiting!

    I think fried is always a good way to introduce new (or disliked?) foods. ;)


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