Thursday, April 24, 2008

Excellent Tofu (Hao Hao)

4231 Hazelbridge Way (near Browngate Rd)
Richmond, BC V6X 3L7

Sometimes, after a particularly Chinese meal (what does that even mean?!), I get a hankering for "tofu/soy pudding" (dou hua).

I only ever go to Excellent Tofu. "Hao Hao" is their Chinese name; it translates as "good good". It's a good place with good soy products, run by good people (a family-run operation). They make their soy milk and soy pudding on-site.

Even though we don't go there that often, the "father" still remembers our orders, hehe. For JS, that would be just straight-up "plain soy pudding, cold".

Mine is the "soy pudding with evaporated milk, cold". Sometimes I ask for DOUBLE evaporated milk.

Mmmmm, evaporated milk!

I prefer mine with just regular sugar syrup. They have simple syrup, ginger syrup and brown sugar. I haven't tried the brown sugar before. Maybe I should. But, sometimes I don't want to mess with a good thing.

This particular night (after eating at Vogue), my mother came with us. She had "soy pudding with taro, hot", and she likes her pudding with ginger syrup. And here it is.

Besides soy milk and soy pudding, they have some "small eats" menu items. But of course, the soy products are the star. Their soy milk and soy pudding are also sold in to-go containers.

Good, good.


  1. Thanks for this recommendation. We usually go to what we call The Tofu Palace - the Superior tofu shop on Keefer.

  2. The brown sugar type must taste like the ones we have in the Philippines. We call it "TAHO"
    Though, I've never tried soft tofu with white sugar and evaporated milk before. :) It sounds heavenly


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