Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Thomas Haas Sandwiches (June 6, 2007)

note: This is just about his sandwiches. His chocolates are excellent! =)

Three reviewers: ts, allu and js

I have no comment as of yet regarding his chocolates and pastries.

We haven't tasted the chocolates yet!

Well, the chocolates are good, from what I remember. Someone gave us a box of those for Christmas. I usually don't like those chocolates in boxes (I like the bars better), but they were good.

Patisserie items: still untasted. We bought some to take home.

Chocolate bars: still untasted.

Chocolate Sparkle Cookies: supposedly the "best cookie in the world". Haha.

The sandwiches: not that good! =(

Thai Crab Salad w/ avocado, cilantro, lemongrass

Basically, the flavors in all 3 sandwiches seemed to be a little watered down.

The Thai Crab Salad gets points for having REAL CRAB... but there was too little cilantro and it needed some citrus, dammit! Teehee.

I was disappointed with the sandwiches. They weren't bad, just not as good as I had hoped.

The Thai crab salad sandwich was not "salad-y" at all. It lacked veggies. And I ordered it because of the cilantro and avocado. Though it indeed had avocados, it was lacking in cilantro. I didn't taste cilantro til my very last bite. I could taste the lemongrass in the sandwich, but really, I was craving for anything citrus-y! The whole crab salad (mayo) and avocado and lack of veggies was just weighing the whole sandwich down. It desperately needed something sour/tangy to "perk" it up.

Smoked Turkey & Brie
with red onion marmalade, brie cheese, cranberry & pear chutney (?) on multigrain bread

Just have to concur with the disappointment vis a vis the sandwiches.

I had the smoked turkey with brie and cranberry+pear chutney. It was on a sourdough-ish brown bread studded with cranberries.

Unfortunately, it really wasn't any good at all. It was quite tasteless. The chutney was non-existent and all I tasted was the brie.

Moroccan Chicken
with Moroccan spiced chicken breast, fuji apples, toasted almonds, watercress, havarti cheese, and mayonnaise on ciabatta

The Moroccan Chicken seemed to have garam masala flavors (instead of more "Moroccan" tastes)... but I can't be too sure. But I thought the cheese overpowered the tastes (although, granted, havarti is pretty mild).

The moroccan chicken: not that good. well, once again, it's "not the worst". but I've definitely had better. don't really remember much about it. I was just trying to finish it off so that i can walk around the store and buy chocolates.

But yeah, sandwiches were disappointing. VIVO! panini are really the best! Teehee.

The passionfruit iced tea: I had a sip. Not very passionfruity.

Ok, i'm going to go try the chocolates now!!! so excited!

Conclusion: Thomas Haas' MAHND is geared toward chocolates and pastries, haha. (Well, we're not even sure if it's *his* mahnd that came up w the sandwiches.)

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