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Sutton Place Hotel High Tea (June 3, 2007)


Traditional English Afternoon Tea

Two reviewers: ts and allu; no reviews by js and csc

I had the "Nobo Whole Fruit" tea. I guess this was a tisane, because there were no tea leaves, just the dehydrated fruit bits.

I went for the Lavender Earl Grey tea. This was a no-brainer. I knew I wanted Earl Grey even before reading the menu. If it wasn't on the menu, I would have asked if they had it anyways.

However, the lavender kinda threw me off at first. I had doubts about getting it, but then, it's Earl Grey! How can one resist? Turns out the earl grey-ness predominates over the lavender, so the tea was ALL GOOD.

I usually take sugar with my tea, but all the desserts complimented the tea so well that I didn't have to add any sugar, or milk for that matter.

Traditional English Afternoon Tea
• Cucumber & Watercress Sandwich
• Smoked Salmon Pinwheel with Capers
• Black Forest Ham & Camembert Croissant
• Raspberry Chicken Salad Brioche
• Eclairs (w. Raspberry Cream)
• Scones with Devonshire Cream & Preserves
• Lemon Slice
• Chocolate Macaroon
• Chocolate and Strawberry Tart

[ts] In general, I like savory items better than dessert-y items.

Cucumber & Watercress Sandwich
I love watercress and cucumber!! But I think I would have liked less cream cheese in my sandwich..once again, my dislike for cheese...

Smoked Salmon Pinwheel with Capers
Capers+salmon..what can possibly go wrong??!?! Of course this was delicious!

Black Forest Ham & Camembert Croissant
I contemplated on whether or not to remove the camembert. I decided to eat the croissant as it was. The taste of the camembert wasn't that overwhelming. The ham was salty enough so that together with the cheese and croissant, all the tastes balanced out nicely.

Raspberry Chicken Salad Brioche
I didn't taste the raspberry... or i don't remember tasting it. But this was pretty good. Nothing to complain about.

Eclairs (w. Raspberry Cream)

I liked this! Of course, chocolate would have been better..but the raspberry cream was pretty good!

Scones with Devonshire Cream & Preserves
The devonshire cream was just ok for me. Kind of too rich. Haha...

And the preserves weren't that good. I don't remember the brand of the jams they used, but it's one of those generic ones that you see everywhere (or that *I* see everywhere...) I don't really like their jams that much, they taste so artificial!

The scone was ok. But really, would have been so much better if they had better preserves!

Lemon slice
This wasn't bad. Like my brother and I would say, "it's not the worst".

Chocolate Macaroon

I didn't find this as tasty as the others. I think I just don't like macaroons in general (even though ts says that these macaroons are not like the ones we had in Paris). The macaroon is too dry and sweet for me. It's almost like eating icing. Too sweet!

Chocolate and Strawberry Tart
Oh!! By far my favorite dessert! This was delicious! The strawberry, the cream, the tart made out of chocolate!! Just simply delicious. And lucky for me that JS doesn't like strawberries, so I got to eat her piece too. Very yummy.

[ts] Yeah, all in all, it was pretty good.

I didn't like the "Lemon Slice" thing (a dessert thing) at all, but csc said she REALLY liked that one. The eclairs would've been good, but I didn't like the raspberry whipped cream.

(Raspberry! All snooty like that!!!)

The chocolate "macaroon" weren't really macaroon-like (they were supposed to be like the "French" macaroons).

The savory items were all OK. The devonshire cream for the scones was really good.

Nice experience all in all.

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