Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Riddim & Spice (June 2007)

on Commercial Drive

Two reviewers: ts and allu

We both had the Jamaican Jerk Meal:
Leg & thigh
Rice w/ Beans
iceberg salad

The chicken was nicely cooked. The jerk flavor was OK, but not remarkable. Maybe mine is better! HAHAHAHAHA... Well, maybe mine's not authentic, teehee. The place may be more authentic because they had a majority of black customers (from the Carribean, I'm assuming).

The chicken was tender and I thought the Jamaican "jerk" was just right! I didn't care much for the beans in the rice though. I think I'm not a "bean" type of a person. The rice by itself would have been much much better.

I also ordered a side of fried plantains. They were good. The fried plaintains were good. Basically they're like turon, but without the wrapper.

I ate too slow and ts finished off the very last piece of plantains before I could try any. By this I gathered that they were either: really good that she couldn't stop eating them; or really bad that she didn't want to subject me to any of it, so she finished it all herself. Good to know that she liked it.

She really was SUPER slow, though! I told her to take some pieces beforehand, but she didn't. Hehe.

All in all, pretty decent. Though, I don't think i'll go all the way there for this meal, though. Maybe if one is in the area.

I am pretty curious about the other items. Specifically, the "ackee and saltfish." It's only available during the weekends, they say. I was asking about it but the girl there (Chinese) dissuaded me from ordering it. She said it's an acquired taste and she doesn't like it at all.

I would return if I remember where this place is located... haha...

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