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Güray Pottery (Avanos, Turkey)

Hmm, so far, still no food posts from our trip to Turkey. But, bear with us while we feature other things. For example, images from our visit to a pottery maker while in the Cappadocia (Kapadokya) region of Turkey.

Güray in Avanos, Turkey.

Cave structures are common in this area of Turkey. We even stayed in a cave hotel!

See, very cave-y.

As one may assume, such a "visit" is probably an attempt to sell products to gullible tourists. ;)

In actuality, the whole affair at Güray was quite low pressure. Good thing, otherwise I wouldn't have enjoyed the visit at all!

We learned about the two types of clay (red and white) and a host of other things (very specific, I know), and watched their artists hand-paint intricate designs onto various objects.

Look at that design in the photo above! Holy. I feel like my eyes will go bad if I ever attempted to draw/paint such a thing. ;)

Painted works; not yet fired.

We also watched a pottery wheel demonstration. While they mostly use automated wheels now, they used one that needed to be turned with one's legs for the demo.

Being a family business of multiple generations, these two men are related.

Lookee what I found! Videos of the pottery demonstration at Güray! It's even the same guy doing the demos. There is also a longer video of the tour (approximately 8 minutes); you will feel like you were right there!

Watch videos #1 to #5.
Video #4 is the extended video.

Me with my creation.

After the pottery wheel demonstration, they asked for a volunteer to give it a try. Of course, you-know-who -- that would be me! -- volunteered. They gave me those loosey-goosey pants to wear to protect my clothes. I managed to pull out that pot/container above. The presenter was quite surprised; he said people do not usually manage to make anything remotely resembling anything when they have a go at the wheel. Well, I have used the wheel in the past, but that was only 2 or 3 times when I was in high school. So, I still think I deserve a pat on the back! =D

Psst! Look at that drawing in the back. Isn't that image quite puzzling!?!! It looks like an old man wearing a bra, doesn't it? If anyone can explain it to me, it would set my mind at ease.

After the fun at the pottery wheel demonstration, it was time to go to the shop!

The above two photos show a type of design that was commonly seen in souvenir shops and such.

Blue and white.

Small stuff.

Hittite designs

My favorites were the Hittite-design items. Look at the wine jug with the hollow center! We were told this probably made it easy for someone to carry multiple wine jugs; one simply had to "wear" them on their arms!

I was actually a little tempted to buy something from their store, but it was just too impractical. Imagine lugging breakables around!

My favoritest. Too cool.

For more photos of their many pottery pieces, visit their website:
Güray Ceramik House

They also have a 360-degree photo tour of the premises. I highly recommend taking a look: 360° Güray

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Güray Pottery (Avanos, Turkey)

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  1. Turkey! I have always wanted to go...jealous! :)

  2. How could you resist? I'd be all over the blue and white pottery.

    Actually, I've never had any of the pottery I've bought abroad break in transit. Just wrap them up tight with your clothing and put it in the carry-on.

  3. Lucky girl, I am so jealous TS. I would love to visit Turkey for the ceramics (and the food too!).
    WC is right, if you pack it with clothing it seldom breaks. The shops usually wrap the piece in bubble wrap anyway.

    I pad the pieces with dirty laundry and pack them in my suitcase.

    By the way, I don't know if you remember, I posted about an afghan I bought at a thrift shop.

    Mrs. Whyte contacted me and I sent the afghan to her. It took 3 months out in the universe for the word to get around. I'm amazed.

  4. Joan (FOODalogue):

    Good thing we went when we did... it seems it's not as easy to go there now.

    Wandering Chopsticks:
    It's not so much the threat of breaking, but rather, the effort required on my part of carrying stuff around, hehe. And the cost, too. I was more attracted to the LARGE pieces on display. They do ship internationally, but only if one buys over a certain amount.

    Oh wow, contact made!!! I didn't know if it was going to happen. Wow.

    Thanks! =)

  5. Beautiful! One of my best friends went travelling in Turkey and brought us back the most beautiful large bowl - it's one of our favourite things in our flat!

  6. Very nice, thanks for the information.

  7. Su-Lin:
    Wow, bring back a large bowl... very nice friends! ;D

    rental elf:

  8. These look absolutely stunning. I am looking forward to some reports on the food in Turkey.

  9. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  10. Neil B:
    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, we're on a bit of a hiatus with the blog. But hopefully we can get it strted up again.

    sewa mobil:


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