Monday, January 18, 2010

Leftovers from 2009

Various HK-style café dishes
HK-style milk tea & lemon iced tea; seafood chow mein;
fried rice with langostines & basil; honey-garlic pork ribs;
pork chop with black pepper sauce; Chinese-style "Japanese" ramen;
some other noodle dish; HK-style curry with rice;

thick toast with butter & condensed milk, whole and up close

With 2009 over, it's only fitting that we let go of these dishes or items that, for some reason or other (usually because of bad photos), have never gotten a post of their own. Our Drafts folder here sure needed a good purge. Those HK-style cafe dishes above were consumed in April 2008!

LATimes article about HK-style Cafés, if you're so inclined:,1,6223823.story

Bagoong Salmon "Wellington"

Such a shame, the bad photos. This was actually quite a popular dish! We made this for one of our gatherings and there was none leftover!

We spread some bagoong on top of salmon, then wrapped it with phyllo pastry.

Even with the very unexpert wrapping of phyllo, the dish was still a hit.

"Giniling Jufran"

A Filipino home-style dish with no name. Not posted because JS claims she cannot remember how she made this.

As the name giniling suggests, this has ground pork. Oh wait, JS now tells me she used ground beef. I guess this is why we never posted about this dish!

Other ingredients were bell peppers, peas, raisins, soy sauce, and ...?

I'm not too sure about any other ingredients, but what makes this a giniling Jufran? Well, Jufran Banana Ketchup, of course!

Our other giniling dishes
Mama's Giniling (v.1, v.2 and v.3)
Mama's Giniling (v.4 and v.5)

Philippine Braised Chicken Wings

This is simply a dish of chicken wings marinated in our Philippine BBQ marinade, then braised, uncovered, until the wings were cooked and the marinade has reduced to a glaze.

Philippine Chicken "BBQ"
Philippine Pork "BBQ"

Spinach Ricotta Lasagna

Um yeah, what it says there. This is a Spinach Ricotta Lasagna.

Broccoli Soup with Cheddar Crouton


Finally, some sweet things!

Cranberry-Orange Almond Bread

This was made by our resident baker, CSC. Unfortunately, the copy she wrote for this was rendered inapplicable because it mostly talked of our faulty oven before our move to the new house.

Ube (Purple Yam) Star Ice Cream Cake with Ube Halaya

Horrid, horrid photo!

I should post about this since it's already a year late. If anybody can recall, this was one of the desserts we served for our Starry, Starry Night New Year's Eve party in December 2008!

Our labor-intensive all-Philippine New Year's Eve Menu:
A Starry, Starry Night in Vancouver -- Evoking the Philippine Christmas Spirit

I realize now that we haven't posted about this because I don't actually have exact measurements on how to make this Ube Halaya, nor measurements for my Ube Ice Cream!

Ube Halaya is sometimes translated as Ube "jam". I made mine my cooking together purple yam, coconut milk, cow's milk, and sugar.

Here's a recipe from Kusina ni Manang:

cut-out ube halaya stars ready for duty

Star Ice Cream Cake Assembly

And there you go! We are done with 2009!
More or less. =)


  1. I can already tell Giniling Jufran is one of those things I'll absolutely love :)

  2. All those recipes we'll never know :(

  3. The giniling jufran looks great! Dying to try that banana ketchup!

  4. kat:
    Maybe they weren't too special to begin with. ;)

    Hehe... it was good home-cooking, that Giniling Jufran. =)


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