Saturday, November 07, 2009

Distrito Federal No Más (Eye Injury, Part 2)

First of all, sorry to each and every Spanish-speaker for butchering your language. The title is a literal -- and probably very wrong -- translation of "Distrito Federal No More."

Second of all, thank you to everybody who expressed concern about my freak eye injury.

JS and I are now back in Vancouver, arriving last night. Here is how our time in LA (well, suburbs near LA) played out:

Tuesday, Day 1
Various errands and such.

After waking up with pain in my eye and not being able to open it, JS drove me to see a family doctor at a walk-in clinic (after trying several places). This was followed by driving to an eye clinic. Then, with me sleeping the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Back at the eye clinic for a follow-up. We decide to cut our trip short and just head on home. The rest of the day was spent with JS calling airlines, hotels, etc. and cancelling our bookings/reservations.

Back at the eye clinic for another follow-up. Straight to the airport for our flight back to Vancouver.

What happened?

Apparently, it's a freak thing, as the doctors at the eye clinic were wondering why I would get a corneal abrasion. It seems I don't have any reason for developing one (eg, wearing contact lenses or whatever else).

I guess the dry desert air did not agree with me, especially after the dry airplane cabin air. Also, apparently, my right eyelid does not close all the way! Huh?!!

Best theory
Airplane + desert air dried out my right eye. Then, during sleeping, my "unclosed" eyelid dried it out even more, resulting in a small part of the cornea sticking to the back of my eyelid. When I woke up and blinked, the eyelid tore my cornea. Fun stuff.

Not only did we miss/are missing the Foodbuzz Food Blogger Festival in San Francisco (with all that food!), but we also had to cancel our trip to Mexico City, aka Distrito Federal. (Hence, the post title.)

We were so looking forward to this trip. All that food!!! [sigh]

But, we decided it was better to let my eye heal completely at home, in case something happens. I am quite attached to my eyes, after all, and the vision they give me, blurry though it is. Being an injured animal in a big, big, big city is not a good idea, I guess.


  1. Oh my goodness! I've heard that a scratched cornea is extremely painful! You poor thing!

  2. How unfortunate. I'm guessing that the physical discomfort is probably outweighed by the loss of the experience of the trip. Mexico City is a fantastic place, and it will still be waiting for you when you get there.

  3. Such bad timing but there will be another time. You did not say how you are doing now. Have you completely healed?

  4. Poor you! I'm glad you're back home safe and sound though!

  5. Sorry to hear about your eye injury, hope you recover speedily!

  6. Hope you are doing better/recovered...

  7. You have the worst luck... Lemme take you out to eat when I get back. Food is always the best medicine. LOL...

  8. oh dear sorry to hear about this!! :-( take care!!

  9. Glad you two are back on home and healing!

    ...gotta say though, I wear contact lens and was really grossed out (to the point of shuddering and scrolling down quickly to rid my memory of your description of what happened. :p).

    Heal fast!

  10. Thanks for all your well wishes! It is definitely much appreciated!


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