Friday, September 25, 2009

Chinese "Leftovers" (September 2009)

Chinese herbs n' stuff

Ack, we haven't been able to come up with posts during this week! I have pictures ready, but they don't have copy yet. I really don't know what's keeping us so busy.

So, in the meantime, here's another edition of "Leftovers" -- and I believe if you see the pictures, you'll see why they didn't get their own posts.

Sweet and Sour Pork
This is CSC's sweet and sour pork. It was very good! Unfortunately, these pictures were taken very early in our blogging career. Perhaps we will make this again and take new photos, then post it with the recipe.

Frying of pork

left: prepped onions & peppers, prepped sauce
right: cooking of the dish

Very good!

Frog Leg "Kung Pao"

So muscular!

The "kung pao" is in quotations because it didn't turn out quite right. The dish was still tasty, but in an "other Chinese" kind of way, not a kung pao way.

Honey Walnut Shrimp

Shrimp in a honey-sweetened mayonnaise sauce, with candied walnuts. Always a crowd-pleaser.

Mama's "Si Boot" (四物 Si Wu) Soup with Duck Leg

"si wu" blend

四物 "Si wu" is a blend of Chinese herb-/medicine-y things. That up there has wolfberries (goji berries), white peony root, Chinese foxglove root, Chinese Angelica root, and Szechuan Lovage Root.

Actually, I only knew about the wolfberries; I didn't have the faintest clue what the other ingredients were.

This page was helpful:

"Si boot" is the Fujian (Hokkien) pronunciation of "si wu".

四 -- "Si" -- actually means "four", so I don't know if this pack that my mother bought is actually "si wu", or some other blend of ingredients, since it has 5 components.

But, all our life, Mama would call this concoction with wolfberries "si boot". So, who knows!

Chinese medicine thingies are a big mystery to me. Because of that, and because of the fact that there is no picture of the finished product, we couldn't write a post about this soup.

Whatever this blend of "herbs" is actually called, making a soup is dead simple. There's some water, there's some meat... In this case, a couple of duck legs.

Boil, then simmer. Done!

Yes, it does get scary-dark like that. Honestly, I can't stand the Chinese medicine taste, although some people do like these medicine-y soups a lot.

That's all the Chinese "leftovers" we have for you today.

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  1. Oh I love honey walnut shrimp! & that sweet & sour pork looks just like you would get at a restaurant

  2. Even though the sweet and sour photo is an "antique"-- it still gives me the craving. :)

  3. K.P. frog legs? AWESOME. I want to come to your house for dinner.....

  4. kat:
    Yeah, that was exactly what we saw when we saw CSC's finished sweet & sour pork: "It's just like in the restaurant!" =D

    Haha, yes, the photos are sooo antique.

    Choosy Beggar Tina:
    We have to try doing that kung pau frog legs again. This was the first time we cooked frogs legs at home. Maybe there was a sale on them or something!


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