Saturday, June 13, 2009

Persian Sangack Bread

We saw this first at Costco and were quite intrigued with it. Sangack is a Persian flatbread made from wheat flour, sourdough, water and sesame seeds. According to the package, these are "made by hand in small batches, using [their] famous sour dough culture, roasted sesame seeds and [their] river rock oven."

The packaging is actually quite informative, considering we had no idea what sangack was.

Here is the description it provides:

Prepared in the traditional ancient Persian manner, SANGACK flat bread is a fantastic bread experience. [...]

SANGACK bread takes its name from the word "STONE" upon which it is baked. So, the bread is baked on both sides. Because of its rich and stone milled flour, SANGACK flat-bread is a great source of energy and it is easy to digest.

Look, it's so long!

If you look below, that piece of sangack on the baking sheet is half the length.

One can have it simply warmed, or toasted crisp. This time, we decided to make our sangack crisp.

The packaging states that "the secret of this bread is whenever you warm it up, it becomes as fresh as the first day!" We can attest to the veracity of the claim!

Hmm, now what to eat with this Sangack bread?


  1. last summer I went through a phase of eating this sort of flatbread warm with my homemade rhubarb preserves, amish butter and cafe au lait. Made me feel fancy.

  2. Persian food is a good start, hehe :) Or, turn it into a unique pizza!

  3. Ooo..I love those flat-bread! Great with dips! I bought mine from a bakery at Pemberton Ave, N.Van.

  4. So thin and crispy that I should call it some cracker snack! ;p

  5. maybelle's mom:
    It *does* sound fancy! For some reason it seems very "European" to me. =)

    Haha... I know... we need to research Persian food.

    We're lazy; we rarely travel to North Van. Hehe. =)

    Yeah, these were nice either as soft, spongy flatbread, or thin crisp crackers!

  6. Delish! Now I'm craving Sangak bread with bolgarian cheese Thank you! :)

  7. April:
    I've never had that that cheese before. Intriguing.


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